Storage & Transportation

Ryder Kelly/Bobo (storage mgmt), Conrad (UHaul)

The amount of stuff we use to create our camp is no joke: Playatech furniture, shade structure parts, bike racks, bowling alley panels, decor fabric, bar lumber pieces, cuddle puddle pillows & bedding, pyramid plywood & studs, solar panel kits, shower base & pipe frame, Carl Saigon monkey hut, rugs, kitchen utensils, cookware, dishes, stoves, propane tanks, tools, stakes, ratchet straps, and metric tons of playa dust!

Currently, nearly all of it lives in San Diego or Fernley storage units. Which means that we have to load and unload all of it multiple times between its stored location and trailers and trucks. The storage units, the truck & trailer rentals, the sketchy motel stays in Fernley pre-Burn, plus the fuel it takes to transport everything, all cost money. Cleaning and sorting is no small part either. While the magic of Burning Man raises your spirits and sets your heart aflame, the reality of managing this dusty mess is a critical element to that magic.


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