Events & Promotions

Kelley Mulvey (coordinator), Angel (coordinator), Alanna (coordinator), Sara, Kellie, Jeremy

For the last two years, our camp has provided at least one scheduled event for the playa. The Tuesday afternoon of burn week will be our 3rd annual Disco Champagne Party, our main event. We will have 5-6 hours of disco house by TBA DJs, and pop dozens of champagne bottles to share during the music. In addition to this, we have smaller events throughout the week, including massage, yoga, and healing sessions. We would also like to throw a small 2-3 hour event on Friday afternoon called Deep Fry Day, where french fries, tater tots, and other snacks are given out during the DJs deep house sets. Stay tuned for more event info, DJ lineups and wellness outreach descriptions.

Kelley is returning to the burn for her second year, and will be utilizing her skills as a professional event coordinator for this year’s many activities. This will be Angel’s third burn with our family, and she will also be coordinating events during the week. Alanna’s experience with Meal Plan makes her our go-to person for the new food-related Friday event.  

Our camp promotion sticker program will be supported by artistic contributions from Gloria, Sara, Kellie, and Jeremy. Anyone else interested in submitting designs should contact these folks to collaborate & compete in the selection for camp promotion stickers.


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