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The effort to give our camp power and distribute it, keep our wastewater contained, and always have the bass pumping, is crucial to our ability to function as a contributing camp on the playa. Each section of our utilities needs long-term planning and logistics, material management, and skilled labor to implement. In 2017, our camp switched from multiple small personal generators, to the large 25kW commercial generator that powered all our camp lights, AC units, charging stations, and sound system. The genie is out of the bottle, so we’re tasked with improving efficiency in funding and grid layout in 2018. We’re planning a safe electrical cord system to supply power to individuals participating in the electrical grid. We hope to have lighting along walking paths to create a more safe nighttime environment, too. Our desert robot DJ booth was built new in 2017, and this year our entire sound system has a new manager who’s giving it a redesign. After a couple close calls with heat exhaustion and overconsumption the previous years, we’ve called upon our resident medical professional to lay out some basic first aid supplies and DIY instructions. We had some capacity & pumping issues with greywater last year, so in order to facilitate our shower & kitchen waste water, we will increase our pump schedule and possibly add another tank.  

POWER GRID: The generator runs our sound system and camp lights, but it also cools our living spaces. If you would like your yurt or Shift Pod to be connected to the generator’s output, the additional dues amount is $120/site. We anticipate there will be 10-15 sites connected to the system. These additional funds will justly supplement the generator rental & fuel costs.


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