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These structures are the backbone of our camp life. They are were we take shelter, get nourishment, refresh our dry, cracked bodies, and recreate our minds. The process is two-part, maintenance or improvements, and the construction of the structures in Black Rock City. Every year after the burn, we take stock in what worked well and what needs improvement, in design and/or with new materials. We form plans, buy supplies, and coordinate in order to accomplish our structural needs for each playa build. Because once we’re on the playa, in the heat of the desert, we need these to come together quickly and efficiently. The goal is to develop a set of instructions for each construction, both large and small, in order to schedule each task accordingly among capable build members.

Each structural component has its own manager to estimate the construction and material needs, but each project requires many more members’ assistance to be able to make the framework of camp a reality. If you are interested in any part of these projects, please contact their respective managers for additional information.

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