Sara Barahona (project mgr), Jamie Gold, Courtney Maltais, Katie Blackburn, Ellena Loeffler

Our camp’s communal spaces are essential to expressing who we are to the playa. We have evolved and changed over the years, but the primary components of love, inclusion and creativity remain the same. Our main public spaces include a DJ lounge & bar area under our shade structure, meditation/decoration pyramids, two lanes of bowling, and the Carl Saigon retreat & soup kitchen. Our private camp spaces are the cuddle puddle and kitchen areas under the shade structure. The camp members who have contributed for consecutive years know the serious effort that goes into these projects. While their work may seem elegant yet simple, its difficulty lies in the management of materials (old & new), upgrading the designs of multiple locations that only exist for one week in the desert, and finding motivated and skilled individuals to help fill in the gaps.

This will the third year in which Sara has contributed to camp decor, both before the burn and during the playa build, so she decided to take her turn at the reigns. She is monumentally supported by Jamie, Courtney, Katie, and Ellena. Together this group will transform a framework of basic structures into creative spaces that invite, intrigue and inform the playa of our camp’s personality!    


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