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The payment program for the 2018 burn will work as follows. Every camp member who is camping on the playa with Camp Camp Camp will be required to pay $275 in dues. This will fund our camp’s projects at the basic level. You can pay all at once or in payments, as long as you pay in full by July 10th. Every payment will show you the project percentage breakdown. You’ll see how much of your money is going towards each project.

Each project has three budget tiers: Critical, Creative, and Comfortable. The Critical budget level is the minimum necessary to fund this project, and this amount is intended to come from camp members’ dues. The Creative and Comfortable levels are budget goals that fund over and above what our basic plan is at the beginning.

In order to achieve the Creative and Comfortable goals, we are asking for donations above dues. This is where it is up to the project managers and collaborators to inform and campaign for their personal projects. Once you have fulfilled your annual dues amount, you will be able to donate towards any project you want.

Camp Dues

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