Camp Layout

Elena Loeffler, Natasha Tan, Jared Butler, Jeremy Riley

Every year when we hit the playa to build our camp, we want to have the best plan already in place to make the construction go as smoothly as possible. This means designing a layout (to scale) for all the elements of camp. We have tents, yurts, Shift Pods, RVs, shade structures, pyramids, lights, shower, greywater tanks, generator... you get the idea. It’s A LOT. We will have two main inputs for the layout. First, our website will have a graphic for the basic camp layout. This is where members will find their spots once they’ve paid their total dues amounts. Secondly, Ellena and Natasha are working in AutoCAD to produce a scaled drawing that will allow us to mark a grid and reproduce our drawing in real life on the playa! This will help immensely when it comes to our build schedule for those arriving before Sunday of burn week. The website will be updated with our evolving camp layout during the summer.

On the return home from her first burn in 2017, Ellena volunteered to develop a new camp layout, designed in AutoCAD, in order to increase her camp contribution potential. Her background in engineering gave her the skills and knowledge to make it happen. Natasha, an architect in LA, will partner with Ellena for the camp layout, as well as help the Decoration crew design the interior. After a couple years away, she is returning for her third burn with camp.


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